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Body odor Home Remedies

The term Body odor refers to unlikable smell from underarms, groin, scalp and feet and in general from any part of the body. In therapeutic terms, body odor is recognised as bromhidrosis, osmidrosis and ozochrotia. Body odor has grown to be a great issue of unease for men and women of today. Body odor is linked with the hair, feet, groin (higher medial thigh), skin in general, armpits, genitals, pubic hair, and ears. The odor of the body frequently is induced by the bacteria which breed in our body. Lots of people have a misconception that the sweat is the cause of unpleasant odor but in fact sweat itself is odorless and it is the bacteria, which is liable for the unpleasant odor. These bacteria grow quickly in the incidence of sweat. Body odor can stink pleasant and exact to the individual, and can be used to identify people, even if this is more frequently done by dogs and other animals, than by humans. An individual's body odor is also inclined by diet, gender, genetics, health and medication.

People normally relate body odor with excessive sweating or sweating, but sweating by itself does not give off any offensive odor or smell. Our sweat consists of water and salts barred by our sweat glands for the purpose of controlling our body temperature. It is the bacteria on the skin which mixes with the sweat and construct body odor. Body odor can occasionally be a sign of a more serious illness. Body odor can be induced by different reasons similar to drugs, toxins, infections, cavities, diabetes, zinc deficiency etc. Medical treatment is usually not desired when people have bad body odor. Body odor apparent as offensive may be reduced by using appropriate deodorants and although body odor is frequently associated with hygiene, its appearance can be precious by changes in diet as well as those other factors discussed above.

Causes and Symptoms of Body odor

Body odor may be due to severe infection. Body odor may be because of kidney disease, fungal infections liver disease and in a little while if you get a few strong medicines then the smell of those medicines may be present in your body odor. If you drink alcohol, smoke cigarette or cigar you will have a distasteful body odor. It is often associated with sweating of the body, but the unpleasant odor is mostly due to bacteria present in the sweat. The symptoms of body odor are the unlikable or pungent smell that becomes worse in summer or humid weather. The smell differs from individual to individual. The unpleasant smell just about disappears after a bath but it comes back instantly if the individual puts on his unwashed or dirty clothes.

Home Remedies for Body odor

Following are some of the effective home remedies for Body odor:

  • Use baking soda to hygienic arm pits and feet to reduce odor.
  • Append three cups of tomato juice in the water and soak for fifteen minutes or longer. It will aid to dispose of body odor. This is one of the best home therapies for body odor.
  • Blend of only some drops of glycerin and mooli (radish) juice act as a good home remedy for controlling body odor. Relate this blend on feet, underarms, neck etc.
  • Herbal tea similar to sage tea is superior for preventive body odor and perspiration. Pregnant women should not use this tea.
  • Dietary changes are moreover very imperative in decreasing the body odor. Certain foods, for instance meat, onions, garlic, exotic spices, and drinks such as coffee and alcohol can escort to body odor. Try removing these from diet for a week or two and see if this formulates a difference.
  • Tobacco use is a foremost cause of body odor. If you stop smoking it may take quite a few weeks for the body to rid itself of odor causing stuff.
  • To combat the horrible armpit odor apply cider vinegar. It serves as the best body odor home medication treatment.


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