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Hangovers Home Remedies

A hangover is an assemblage of unpleasant signs and symptoms that can extend after drinking too much alcohol. The more alcohol you drink, the more possible you are to enclose a hangover the next day. A hangover is induced by a blend of the toxic by-product of alcohol metabolism (acetaldehyde), dehydration, and Vitamin A, B (particularly B6) and C depletion caused by the chemical action of alcohol on your system. Vodka and gin (clear liquors) are normally lower in congeners than whisky, rum and bourbon, because of the filtering procedure concerned, and hence usually give a less intense hangover. Regrettably the congeners also provide flavor, smell and appearance to alcohol. One more contributor to the hangover is the "freshness" of the alcohol as the natural oxidation invention of ethanol is as well acetaldehyde.

Dehydration is both a reason and a sign of hangovers. A genetic difference that involve the way alcohol is metabolized may make some people flush, sweat or become ill after drinking even a little amount of alcohol. The best alleviate for a hangover is prevention. If you persist on imbibing, be more cautious about your intake. Drink no more than one drink per hour. Consider that light-colored drinks will injure you less. Drink water even as you drink alcohol. Having food in your stomach is a superior idea because it slows the absorption of alcohol by your body. Caffeinated drinks similar to coffee are diuretics, so evade them if you're hung-over. Eating fruits and vegetables can aid restock the nutrients you've lost. An over-the-counter pain reliever may relieve your headache. If you sleep long enough, your hangover may be vanished when you awaken.

Causes of Hangovers

The main cause of all hangovers is, certainly, drinking alcohol. If you drink adequate and end up with a hangover, it means you've ingested more alcohol than your body can metabolize proficiently. The toxins in alcohol construct in your body and make you feel sick. Another reason causative to a hangover is the products from the breakdown of ethanol via liver enzymes. Ethanol is transformed to acetaldehyde by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, and then from acetaldehyde to acetic acid by the enzyme acetaldehyde dehydrogenase. Congeners are one more cause of hangovers. These are impurities twisted during the fermentation procedure in some types of alcohol.

Symptoms of Hangovers

Some sign and symptoms related to Hangovers are as follows:

  • Dehydration.
  • Elevated body temperature.
  • Irritability.
  • Sensitivity to light and noise.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Headaches and muscle aches.
  • Rapid heartbeat.
  • Decreased ability to concentrate.
  • Bloodshot eyes.

Home Remedies for Hangovers

Following are some of the effective home remedies for Hangovers:

Peppermint: Peppermint is believed as a caring herb for the treatment of hangover. Patient anguish from hangover may be given 3-5 leaves of peppermint. This can also be given in type of tea by just boiling 5-10 leaves in a glass of water. This is one of the superlative home remedies for hangover.

Lemon: Prepare a lemon tea for hangover therapy. Do not append sugar to it. This lemon-rich tea detoxifies the discarded material inside the stomach. Assimilate alcohol and gives fast release from hangover. Fresh lemon juice prepared in cold water with little sugar as well helps in fast release from hangover. This drink manages the sugar level in the blood after excess intake of alcohol.

Water: Drink a lot of water before you go to bed. This should provide several reliefs to the dehydrating effects of alcohol.

Adrak (Ginger): Crush 2-3 small pieces of ginger or take a cup of ginger tea. Ginger provides fast release from hangover by soothing the stomach and digestion of alcohol. This is one of the finest home remedies for hangover.

Madhu (Honey): Honey is one of the simplest and simply accessible home remedy. Patient distress from hangover should be given 3-4 teaspoon of honey after every one hour. Honey moreover helps in the assimilation of alcohol reached inside the patient's body. So honey can be used as hangover treatment.


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