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Jetlag Home Remedies

Jetlag is a physiological form which is a result of alterations to circadian rhythms; it is categorize as one of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Jet lag consequences from rapid transmeridian travel, like on a jet plane. People experiencing jet lag have a stiff time preserve their interior, routine sleep-wake pattern in their new location, because exterior stimuli, similar to sunshine and local timetables, dictate a dissimilar pattern. For this cause, one can experience lethargic one moment and eager the next. Jet lag creates a dual bind for vacationers and business people who must cross several time zones to reach their destination, but who are moreover intent on maximizing sightseeing or productivity. As traveler's effort to adjust their interior clock to a new outer environment, symptoms result with varying intensity. Anybody can get jet lag, regardless of how frequently they travel by plane. People of any age can extend the condition, while it is more common in those who are above 50 years of age, and it is relatively rare in children and babies.

Jet lag is a distinctive sleep disorder because its onset is not necessarily caused by abnormal sleep patterns, similar to insomnia. Travelers who sleep usually prior to transmeridian travel is not immune to jet lag; the symptoms outcome when a person's interior clock attempts to acclimate to a new external environment. This acclimation occupies circadian rhythms that, among other functions, are associated with the body's management of sleep. Jet lag is not forever expected when you are flying long distances, and there are ways that you can help prevent the condition from occurring. While jet lag may be difficult for people who have to fly often, or who are traveling to an imperative meeting, or event, it does not cause any serious, or long-term, health problems. Most people discover that jet lag symptoms pass within a few days. Travelers who are trying to evade jet lag should plan ahead. They can leisurely alter the times that they go to sleep and wake up before they go on the trip.

Causes and Symptoms of Jetlag

Jet lag arises because the body cannot involuntarily realign these rhythms. The speed at which the body readjusts itself to new sunshine, darkness hours, and eating and sleeping patterns is completely reliant upon the individual. Traveling to a dissimilar time zone disrupts the circadian rhythm. Lack of sleep can as well contribute to jet lag. One other essential factor in the case of jet lag is stress. Children below three years of age do not appear to experience jet lag because they are more adaptable and less set in their ways. Adults who can simply alter to changes in routine are less susceptible to jet lag, and those who stick to a fixed daily routine often suffer more. The symptoms of jet lag can be rather varied, though on the whole, an individual may feel fatigue, exhaustion, inability to sleep, disorientation, lost desire to eat, head aches, stomach aches and a general feeling of fuzziness.

Home Remedies for Jetlag

Following are some of the effective home remedies for Jetlag:

  • Prepare a blend of 1 cup of hot milk with a pinch of nut­meg and a pinch of ginger, after drink it.
  • Get a lot of rest the night earlier than travel.
  • Drink water earlier than and later than the flight. Do not take extra water on board. Once your plane reaches elevated altitude, you will feel frequent urination and this will trouble you a lot. It is one of the helpful home remedies for jetlag.
  • Wear appropriate fitted clothes, relaxed shoes, and soft socks. People suffering as of excess vomiting tendency should remain lozenges and sweet candies with them.
  • Massaging your whole body before you leave for the flight helps very much. Use oils that are aromatic for that lingering fresh scent. You can utilize an aromatherapy massage with one part of sandalwood oil mixed in twenty parts of coconut oil. Get a specialist to do the massage so that all the vital points of the body are massaged.
  • A lettuce and hops herbs are useful in rest and sleep.
  • You can drink a tea which prepared by 1/3 tbs. of each of chamomile, mint, and jatamamsi steeped in a cup of hot water for 10 minutes when you enter at your destination before nightfall.


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