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How to Get Rid of Sour Sponge Smell - Treatment & Home Remedies

The novel clean starts to tang witty for some days. It smells sour and its type of disagreeable to maintain utilizing it on your plates. Providentially there are some methods to stay your sponge smelling clean even after lengthy use. The best way to avoid disease caused by filthy sponges is to regularly purchase a new one. If you don't desire to replace your sponge frequently though, at least make sure that you clean it suitably.

Getting Rid of Sour Sponge Smell

  • Put the wipe into the tool booth of the afterward clean and waterless series, and abscond it there waiting the entire clean and dehydrated cycle is ended.
  • Place little drops of remove the hue on the wipe, squeeze then run water on it again.


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