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Bornholm Disease - Bornholm Disease Symptom, Causes, Treatment

What is Bornholm Disease?

Bornholm Disease ia a viral infection by some of six realise types of the coxsackieviruses, which cause inflammation of muscles, primarily those between the ribs. It is pass around from person to person, commonly by coughing or sneezing.

Bornholm disease (named after a Danish island, and also known as pleurodynia) appears in epidemics and usually impacts children and adolescents. Epidemic pleurodynia also known as Bornholm disease, Sylvest's disease, devil's grip and epidemic benign dry pleurisy. It normally is caused by one of the group B coxsackieviruses and is less frequently occurs by a group A coxsackievirus or an echovirus.

Symptom of Bornholm Disease

Symptom of Bornholm Disease include the explosive onset of intense pains in the chest and upper abdomen which are exasperate by deep breathing; fever, headache and different flu-like symptoms; and tenderness of the muscles in the middle of decrease ribs. Symptoms normally last about one to two days in children and approximately two to six days in adults. Sometimes the pain and fever reoccur after one to two days of symptoms being absent. Rarely various recurrences of pain and fever appear over a period of three weeks or more.

Diagnosis of Bornholm Disease

Diagnosis is commonly simplified in an epidemic, although different causes of acute chest and abdominal pain must be excepted. Your doctor may push on muscles in your chest to notice if the pressure actuate a spasm of pain. Often, your doctor can examine the difficulty without any specific tests, particularly if there is an outbreak of the disease in your area. The infection from time to time disperse to cause inflammation in other organs, including the pleura (membrane surrounding the lungs), lungs, heart, liver, brain and testes.

Treatment of Bornholm Disease

There is no special heal. The best treatment of Bornholm Disease is terminate bed rest, and fever and pain can be decreased by paracetamol for children or aspirin for adults. Recovery in uncomplicated cases is commonly finish within a week. Here is the list of several of the preclusion tips or tips for treating Bornholm Disease:

  • People of any age may be involved although it frequently pretend people under the age of 30.
  • Painkillers and drugs to decrease fever may be utilised. Heat therapy with a hot water bottle all over the painful area may succor.
  • Intravenous immune globulin may be utilised to treat newborns and those with a decreased immune system.
  • Superb hygiene and balanced hand-washing may decrease the risk of dealing the infection.


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