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Chalazion - Symptom, Causes, Treatment of Chalazion

Chalazion is the swelling and soreness of one of the eyelid glands induced by a barrier of its duct, and leading to progress of a cyst. At first the eyelid transforms red, swollen and painful or itchy. After several days the redness and generic swelling of the lid sink, leaving a painless, tardily growing round or oval lump. Chalazia are normally painless, but they can be blemish. If they transform large enough to contract on the cornea, they may reason a irregular astigmatism, resulting in a diminish in vision. Some people are inclined to acquiring styes and chalazia.

Most chalazions (also known as meibomian cysts) vanish spontaneously within several months, and warm compresses for 10 minutes four times a day will expedite the action. If there is no bettering in 3 weeks, detect your doctor. Some patients require an injection of corticosteroid into the cystor a modest operation to transfer it. Chalazia may appear in the superior or inferior lids, causing redness, swelling and soreness in several cases.

Signs and Symptoms

Swelling of the eyelid and eye harassment are the veritable symptoms. Here is the list of several of the frequent sign and symptoms of Chalazion:

  • Raised, swollen bump on the superior or inferior eye lid
  • Frequently red
  • May be tender and sore


A chalazion evolves when blockage in an oil gland reasons it to swell.


Chalazions normally react well to treatment, although a few people are liable to recurrences and may require continuing medication. If a chalazion recurs in the assonant place, your ophthalmologist may indicate a biopsy to rule out a more difficult problem. Sometimes, a chalazion can cause the intact eyelid to swell unexpectedly.


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