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Goodpasture's Syndrome - Symptom, Causes, Treatment of Goodpasture's Syndrome

Goodpasture's Syndrome is a infrequent auto immune illness in which the immune system develops antibodies which attack one or more of the body's own tissues that mostly develops in young men, though men and women of any age may be affected.

Goodpasture's syndrome is marked by bleeding into the lungs and severe, advanced glomerulo nephritis (soreness of the filtering units of the kidneys). Frequently the first symptom is intense haemoptysis (coughing up blood) and asperity in breathing, followed by symptoms of speedily developing kidney failure such as decreased urinary output and OEDEMA (assemblage of excessive fluid in tissues).

Goodpasture's syndrome is a life-threatening disease which may be mortal. Treatment is by cortico steroid drugs and immuno suppresent drugs, and repeated alternate of blood plasma with a interchange to get rid of harmful antibodies from the cir-culation. If the kidneys are damaged beyond salvage, frequent blood dialysis (artificial filtering of waste products and water from the blood) or a kidney transplant will be essential.


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