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Gynaecomastia - Symptom, Causes, Treatment of Gynaecomastia

Gynaecomastia is the extension and frequently tenderness of one or both breasts in males.

Gynaecomastia may appear in infant babies (as a ensue of maternal hormones which have crossed the placenta) and during puberty, when it frequently causes embarrassment and anxiety.

Gynaecomastia in adult males is normally due to hormonal disturbances which produce in immoderate amounts of the female hormone oestrogen in the drculation. All men raise minor amounts of oestrogen, but when they are healthy its effects are antagonised by the male hormone testosterone.

Reasons of gynaecomastia include liver disorders, several drugs including some utilised to treat peptic ulcer disease and several anti-cancer drugs, cannabis use, oestrogen-secreting tumours of the testis or adrenal glands, or a comparative exorbitance of oestrogen resulting from ageing. Gynaecomastia mostly reduce later on treatment of the underlying cause. If the enlargement persists, the spare breast tissue may be withdraw for cosmetic causes.


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