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Heel Spur- Symptom, Causes, Treatment of Heel Spur

Heel Spur is a cadaverous spur-shaped outgrowth begining at the internal border of the under surface of the heel bone. Heel spurs grow forwards procumbent into the strong band of fibrous tissue (plantar fascia) which preserves the arch of the foot.

Heel spurs can be induced by any strain which damages the outer layer of bone at the site of the adjunct of the plantar fascia to the heel bone. They are virtually vulgar in athletes. A heel spur may be exhibit for years without inducing pain, that can start shortly when walking causes oblique downward pressure on the tissues and nerves in the area. Pain is appeared only when the heel bears weight or steer pressure is put on the spur. If the situation is surmised, the diagnosis is sustained by X-ray; the spur can seldom be felt.

A small inconvenience may be comforted by antiinflammatory drugs. Corticosteroids and local anaesthetic are enclosed just about a more trouble, some spur to alleviate pain and reduce soreness, and the foot is strapped or splinted to comfort the strain on the plantar fascia. These measures normally induce in a reduction in soreness, and some times absorption of the spur. If pain endures or reappears, biomechanical assessment of walking, by a physio-therapist, is suggested to view whether gait is contributing to the strain. If so, remedial gait training can improve to obviate further progress of heel spurs. As a terminal recur, surgery to maneuver the spur can be executed.


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