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Hydatidiform Mole - Symptom, Causes, Treatment of Hydatidiform Mole

Hydatidiform Mole is a tumour of the placenta which constitutes during a pregnancy. The foetus does not germinate frequently when this happens. Ahydatidiform mole appears in about 1 in 2000 pregnancies. Abnormal growth of the placenta exhibit multiple cysts which resemble a cluster of grapes. The situation may not become apparent until after the third month of pregnancy. Vaginal bleeding is the general symptom, and sometimes several of the grape-like cysts may bepassed.

Occasionally the woman has embellished pregnancy symptoms (nausea, breast tenderness and inordinate enlargement of the uterus) due to exuberant placental hormone in the blood. These symptoms actuate ultrasound examination, that revealsthe mole. It is withdraw from the uterus by scraping (curettage) or suction.

Hydatidiform mole is normally beneficent, but provident post-treatment follow-up by gynaecological examinations and blood tests (to observe persisting placental hormone) is forever suggested because of the small chance which fragments of the mole may persist and continue to grow or germinate into cancer of the placenta.


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