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Hydrocephalus - Symptom, Causes, Treatment of Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus is the exuberant cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in or close to the brain. Hydrocephalus in a new baby is the ensue of any congenital inadequacy which interferes with the revolution of CSF. The baby's head is increased and may induce difficulties during delivery or later in life.

Hydrocephalus can be induced by infection such as meningitis, intense head injury, haemorrhage, tumours in the skull. In infants, hydrocephalus increase the head, and in both infants and adults, the resulting compression can hurt brain tissue. Because the skull cannot increase later on infancy, the CSF pressure enlarges and induce brain injury and symptoms of increased pressure within the skull such as headache, vomiting and personality changes. Hydrocephalus may lead from hereditary inheritance (aqueductal stenosis) or developmental disorders such as those related with neural tube inadequacy including spina bifida and encephalocele.

Hydrocephalus is handled by rectifing the underlying reason. If this is not contingent, a tube known as a shunt is inserted to consume the trapped CSF out of the skull into a vein or body cavity (like as the abdomen) from which it can be 'absorbed'. It may be essential to exit the shunt in place for life.

Diagnosis of Hydrocephalus

In infants, divergent large head size for the patient's age potenty advise hydrocephalus. Skull X-rays establish thinning of the skull with disunion of sutures and widening of the fontanels.

Several other diagnostic tests, including angiography, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging, can secernate between hydrocephalus and intracranial lesions and can also exhibit the Arnold-Chiari deformity, that may appear in an infant with hydrocephalus.



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