How Organic Matcha Can Help Jumpstart Your Day

While coffee has many health benefits, at a certain age, many long-time coffee drinkers find that they can no longer handle that amount of caffeine in their morning routines. Unwilling to totally give up their precious caffeine, many of these former coffee lovers make the switch over to tea.

While tea by itself is more than enough for tea lovers, those used to the versatility of coffee drinks may find themselves bored by the simple bag-and-brew tea that is typical in the U.S. Thankfully, there is a tea option that provides the same number of drinking options as coffee while retaining the health benefits of a regularly brewed cup of tea.

Matcha is a specialized form of green tea that uses specialized growing and processing methods to create a unique brewing and drinking experience. The tea plants used for matcha are grown in shadier areas to increase the chlorophyll content in the leaves, which are then harvested, dried, and pounded into a fine powder.

This powder acts as a tea concentrate, with each serving containing a double dose of all the beneficial chemicals in a typical brew made from loose-leaf tea. A small amount of matcha is whisked into a small amount of water to start the drink off, similar to a shot of espresso. This initial shot can then be added to a larger drink, such as steamed milk or hot water.

Matcha comes in three primary quality grades: culinary, premium, and ceremonial. Culinary-grade matcha is primarily used as a flavoring, while premium and ceremonial matcha is typically reserved for direct consumption.

In years past, authentic ceremonial-grade matcha tea was almost impossible to obtain in the United States, but thankfully, that is beginning to change. A small but growing number of health-conscious tea lovers have seen the benefits of high-grade matcha and demand for it is growing nationwide.

This is where holistic chef Shayna Taylor and her company, Shayna’s Kitchen, come into play. Shayna was one of the first to see the potential for ceremonial-grade matcha in the U.S., and her company is one of the top providers of all-organic, top-quality matcha in the country.

She also has a video series on the different methods of preparing matcha for those who want variety in their morning routines. Tea drinkers will no longer envy their coffee-loving brethren as they can begin making their own cappuccinos, lattes, and iced mixes utilizing the unique properties of matcha.

If you are looking to step up your tea preparation game or simply get your hands on higher-quality matcha, then you owe it to yourself to give Shayna’s Kitchen a look. You won’t find a better-tasting tea anywhere else on the market.

Shayna’s Kitchen

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