Hospital Complications After An Auto Accident

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In the event of a car accident, most people understand the following. If you can do so safely, document the scene of the crash to ensure that you have visual evidence of the physical and property damage as well as the other party’s vehicle. Call the police and collect the contact information of the other driver and any witnesses, as this will be required for legal and insurance purposes. 

That said, the crash itself is often only the beginning of a series of challenges and frustrations. 

In some car accidents, victims may be left with bodily injuries that require urgent medical attention. Brain injury, spinal cord injury, and paralysis are just a few of the many types of injuries that can be life-altering or fatal. Unfortunately, unforeseen medical issues can occur at the hospital, complicating the health of the injured individuals as well the legal nature of the case.

Accident Causal Factors 

Driving is a task that requires concentrated attention, spatial awareness, and depth perception. These functions can be affected by a driver’s pre-existing medical conditions. In a highly contentious personal injury case, parties will dispute which party was at fault. 

The auto accident lawyer of either driver may leverage information about the demographic or pre-existing medical conditions of the other driver in an attempt to establish a causal link to the outcome of the accident. In some cases, the legal team of the at-fault driver may try to leverage this information to reduce the extent to which the severity of the bodily injury and pain and suffering was caused by the accident itself.

Medical Complications & Malpractice

In addition to being harmed by an at-fault driver’s negligence, accident victims may be harmed by negligent medical staff. 

If a medical professional commits intentional or unintentional negligence, the hospital may be liable. Firstly, it must be established that the error of the medical staff can be classified as negligence. Secondly, the employment status of the doctors, nurses, and technicians (and any other medical staff) must be established. Generally, hospitals are liable for the negligence of their employees. 

If the doctor was not an employee of the hospital, the patient may be able to sue the doctor and the hospital may not be liable. In some hospitals, doctors work as contractors, meaning that their actions do not have a legal affiliation to the hospital in which they are practicing and performing care.

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Auto Accident Personal Injury Lawyer

The courts will consider many different factors when deciding upon the ruling of a personal injury case. Car accident victims should consult with a San Diego Personal Injury Law Firm or a lawyer in your area to prepare their case and fight for the compensation they legally deserve for the resulting medical costs, emotional trauma, physical pain, and loss of income. Cases that involve the negligence of either an at-fault driver, medical staff, or both can be legally complex. If you have been involved in an auto accident, we highly recommend consulting with a lawyer who will represent your best interests. 

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